Luvera on Advocacy
Luvera on Advocacy Paperback/ eBook $125.00
Moe Levine on Advocacy
Moe Levine on Advocacy Hardcover/ Hardcover $155.00
Moe Levine on Advocacy II
Moe Levine on Advocacy II Hardcover/ Hardcover $85.00
Nursing Home Cases
Nursing Home Cases When Caregivers Stop Caring Paperback/ eBook $165.00
Persuasive Communication
Persuasive Communication Twenty-five Years of Teaching Lawyers Paperback/ Paperback $125.00
Polarizing the Case
Polarizing the Case Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth Paperback/ Paperback/ Hardcover $115.00
Premises Liability
Premises Liability A Guide to Success Paperback $127.00
Preparing for Voir Dire
Preparing for Voir Dire Paperback/ Paperback $55.00
Recovering for Psychological Injuries
Recovering for Psychological Injuries Hardcover/ Hardcover $155.00
Rules of the Road
Rules of the Road A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability Paperback/ Hardcover/ Hardcover $135.00
Running with the Bulls
Running with the Bulls How to Win Top Dollar Settlements Paperback/ eBook $165.00
Show the Story
Show the Story The Power of Visual Advocacy Paperback/ Paperback $145.00
The Art of Cross-Examination
The Art of Cross-Examination With the Cross-Examinations of Important Witnesses in Some Celebrated Cases Paperback $24.95
The Deposition Handbook
The Deposition Handbook Paperback/ Paperback $155.00
The Domino Theory
The Domino Theory Paperback $95.00
The Elements of Trial
The Elements of Trial Paperback/ Paperback $85.00
The Fearless Cross-Examiner
The Fearless Cross-Examiner Win the Witness, Win the Case Hardcover/ Hardcover $135.00
The Indispensable Paralegal
The Indispensable Paralegal Your Guide to Getting It All Done Paperback/ eBook $85.00
The Lawsuit Guide
The Lawsuit Guide Paperback $24.95
The Lean Law Firm
The Lean Law Firm Run Your Firm Like the World's Most Efficient and Profitable Businesses Paperback $79.95