Integrated Advocacy: Getting Better, Faster, while Building a Satisfying and Sustainable Law Practice

William A. Barton

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After five hundred trials spanning over five decades, attorney William "Bill" Barton has seen—and learned—a lot.

Barton is widely regarded as a foremost legal expert on the nuanced subject of psychological injury and is the bestselling author of Recovering for Psychological Injuries (now in its third edition). He was the first attorney to bring a landmark case to trial against the Boy Scouts of America and later went on to sue the Vatican for sexual abuse by the clergy. These watershed cases made a name for the Oregon native—and formed the cornerstone of a career punctuated by powerful verdicts.

In Integrated Advocacy, Barton takes 50 years of hard work and innovation trying nearly every kind of case—from medical malpractice and auto accident to maritime, sex abuse, premises, aviation, and more—and condenses them into a successful approach to practicing law. His wisdom covers a range of issues, from trying cases to sustainably running a law firm. With ideas both practical and philosophical, Barton explores important principles of trial advocacy before expanding on what Rick Friedman calls “an encyclopedia of the types of problems we all face as trial lawyers—and creative solutions to those problems.”

Divided into seventeen chapters, Integrated Advocacy begins with the issues many lawyers face as they build and pursue their careers, from different kinds of trial work to what often makes or breaks a law practice. Beyond the broader, career-minded conversations, Barton draws from his past work as both a trial lawyer and judge to offer practice-changing insights on a range of topics:

  • Why it’s vital to build credibility—and how to do it
  • The importance of going to trial
  • How to empower the jury
  • The elements of an effective trial story
  • Different cross-examination strategies
  • How to frame and argue damages
  • Advice for dealing with experts
  • How to navigate mediation
  • The nuts and bolts of running a law firm
  • And more

Ultimately, Barton ends with a detailed discussion on how to evaluate your cases and when and how you should refer a case out.

As Howard Nations puts it, “Bill is equal parts trial lawyer and legal educator, and he excels at both.” Don’t miss your opportunity to learn from the legal legend Rick Friedman dubs "the wisest trial lawyer [he has] ever met.”

Paperback: 250 pages; 1st edition; ISBN: 978-1-951962-61-6
Publisher: Trial Guides LLC

Foreword by Rick Friedman

Foreword by Howard Nations


  1. What Integrated Advocacy Offers You
  2. The Big Dance: Your Life
  3. Thoughts on Losing and Best Practices After a Loss
  4. Tools for Self-Improvement
  5. Balancing Life and Work Priorities
  6. Different Types of Courtroom Work
  7. Differences Between Criminal Defense and Plaintiffs' Personal Injury
  8. Legal Foundations and Magic Words
  9. Different Types of Cross-Examination
  10. Framing Your Damages
  11. Meditations From the Plaintiff's Perspective
  12. On Personal Authenticity
  13. The Craft of Storytelling
  14. The Ubiquitous Presence of Money
  15. Running a Law Business
  16. Evaluating Cases
  17. When and How to Refer to Your Cases

Appendix A: Recommended Reading

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

This book has been written by an acknowledged trial master with years of successful trial experience to back it up. Barton shares his trial wisdom in this book with clear and understandable advice proven by his own professional successes. His advice is practical and within every trial lawyer’s ability to adopt and apply for more successful trial practice.

— Paul Luvera, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and Washington State Trial Lawyers Association, a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, and a fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, and the International Barristers Society
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