Winning Settlements

James Abernethy, Charla Aldous, Aaron Broussard, Aaron DeShaw, Joe Fried, Mark Kosieradzki, Michael Leizerman, Patrick Malone, Randi McGinn, Michael Neff, Courtney Rowley, Nicholas Rowley, Sean Simpson, James Stout, Brent Walker

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Learn case-winning insights from trial lawyers from across the country as they share proven approaches to resolving personal injury cases for top dollar. In Winning Settlements, authors Nick and Courtney Rowley, Joe Fried, Randi McGinn, Charla Aldous, Patrick Malone, and others, offer strategies and tools designed to help you maximize outcomes for your clients. In this collection, you will find lessons that will help you:

  • Write effective demand letters that will maximize case value
  • Achieve success in mediation—and know when to walk away
  • Obtain transformational results that will help your clients find closure and improve public safety
  • Increase the leverage you apply when dealing with the defense and strengthen your negotiation skills
  • Leverage focus group results to heighten your case value during mediation
  • Negotiate liens with providers, insurers, and Medicare
  • Improve your practice and obtain better results through fighting secrecy
  • Avoid taxation issues for you and your client by negotiating confidentiality
  • And more

Benefit from lessons learned over the course of hundreds of cases prepared, settled, and tried by trial attorneys with repeated million-dollar wins. The authors share successful settlement case studies, detailing specific methods for negotiating pre-suit and during both mediation and trial that will help you obtain meaningful outcomes for your clients.

From effective negotiation strategies to examples of successful demand letters, advice on how to counter defense tactics designed to waste your time and wear down your client, and discussions of issues like timing during negotiations and how you can build credibility to improve case values across the course of your career, Winning Settlements offers practical ideas you can start using to improve the value of your cases today.

Paperback: 280 pages; 1st edition (2024); ISBN: 978-1-951962-62-3
Publisher: Trial Guides LLC
  1. The Nuts & Bolts To Achieving Appropriate Settlements by James Abernethy
  2. Demand Letters & Other Factors in Obtaining Maximum Case Value by Aaron DeShaw
  3. A Running with the Bulls Mini Update by Courtney Rowley & Nicholas Rowley
  4. Tactical Advice, Ethics & Mindset for Settlement by Aaron Broussard
  5. Leverage & Settling Injury Claims by Michael Neff
  6. Giving the Defense What they Need to Help Your Client by Michael Leizerman
  7. Re-defining Your Win by Joe Fried
  8. Using Your Settlement to Change the World & Make Your Community Safer by Randi McGinn
  9. Settlements That Can Heal the Soul by Charla Aldous & Brent Walker
  10. Getting Better Settlements by Fighting Secrecy by Patrick Malone
  11. Taxability of Confidentiality Agreements by Mark Kosieradzki & James Stout
  12. Settling Third-Party Cases That Have Companion Workers’ Compensation Cases by Sean Simpson

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

For most of us, law school taught us nothing about how to negotiate and settle cases. And just as with other aspects of trial practice, there is no single “right way” or magic formula for negotiating and settling cases. Winning Settlements is a graduate course in the variety of approaches available to plaintiff lawyers interested in improving their negotiating skills. Some of the best lawyers in America share their strategies for obtaining the best possible results from settlement. Anyone who takes the time to read this book will become a better negotiator.

— Rick Friedman, coauthor of Rules of the Road and past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates
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Wise Approaches to Settlement
This book provides excellent perspectives from a variety of leading trial lawyers on how to maximize your client’s outcome. Tremendous wisdom here.
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