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Since 2004, Trial Guides has helped thousands of trial lawyers get the results their clients deserve. With the help of our media catalog, our customers regularly transform low-ball offers into six-figure settlements and million-dollar verdicts. Here are just a few verdict stories we have received recently:

  • Brian Kim (Encino, CA) obtained a $18.79 million jury verdict from lessons taken from Witness Preparation, Don’t Eat The Bruises, and Deeper Cuts. The defense initially offered just $1.2 million.
  • Mike Maxwell (Issaquah, WA) received a $16.6 settlement on a case using the strategies outlined in Witness Preparation.
  • Phil Hall (Pensacola, FL) received a $4 million verdict by using lessons from Damages Evolving and Trial by Human.
  • Tom Wuori (Traverse City, MI) received a $13.4M verdict on a premises liability case with the help of Rules of the Road, Don’t Eat The Bruises, Trial By Human, and Damages Evolving.
  • Angie Perkins (Caldwell, ID) won a six-figure verdict on a wrongful termination and discrimination case by using strategies from From Hostage to Hero, Elements of Trial, The Way of the Trial Lawyer, and Trial by Woman.
  • Randy and Alex Sorrels (Houston, TX) received a $352.7 million verdict, crediting lessons learned from Don’t Eat the Bruises, Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case, and Damages 3 for helping them reach this ideal outcome.


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