Winning Case Preparation: Understanding Jury Bias

David R. Bossart, Gregory Cusimano, Edward H. Lazarus & David A. Wenner

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Since 2005, trial consultants David Bossart, Gregory Cusimano, Edward Lazarus, and David Wenner have been involved in some of the largest plaintiff’s verdicts in the country, totaling more than $4 billion. In Winning Case Preparation: Understanding Jury Bias, the top experts in jury bias offer a proven method of case preparation—whether you’re seeking to settle a minor impact case or gearing up for a massive medical malpractice trial—that is based on years of evidence-based research and experience.

The authors demonstrate how to analyze your case to determine its strengths and weaknesses, avoid being blindsided by issues you were unaware of, and offer a proven way of increasing the likelihood of your success. Their framework for how to prepare a case can help you better understand how jurors will respond to your facts and will teach you how to structure your trial story in a way that best communicates the information that is most important to those who decide it. For anyone who wants to understand how juries decide cases, this book is a must-read.

Paperback: 210 pages; First edition (2018); ISBN: 978-1941007723
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC; AAJ
  1. Introduction
  2. The Jury Bias Model Part One: The Five Juror Biases
  3. The Jury Bias Model Part Two: The Ten Commandments
  4. Bottom Up™ versus Top-Down Case Preparation
  5. Investigating the Facts
  6. Conducting Jury Research
  7. Building the Case Core
  8. Developing the Trial Story
  9. Testing Your Case
  10. Understanding and Applying Beliefs
  11. Genuinely Listen and Speak Genuinely
  12. Conclusion

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

From four of the country’s leading thinkers on trial advocacy comes a book that describes a powerful model for preparing a case for trial. The analysis on focus groups is brilliant. I especially like the observation that we should keep asking questions of the focus group members until we understand not just what they think, but also why. This is one of the books that should be read by every lawyer before beginning to prepare a case for trial.

— Mark Mandell, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, author of Case Framing, and past president of the AAJ