New! Don't Eat the Bruises Audiobook

Read by Keith Mitnik, available in digital download and audio CD formats

“Full of great analogies and helpful tips, this [book] will ensure that you remove all the spoiled and bruised parts of your next case—leaving you with a case that is fresh, crisp, and deliciously effective.”

Brian Panish, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates

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Writing Demand Letters

Featuring Aaron DeShaw, Morgan Adams, Tyler Komarnycky, Michael Neff, Matt Powell, and Mark Romano

With new content and one very special guest: Mark Romano, the former head of Allstate’s national deployment of Colossus, this CLE will show you how to improve your ability to obtain the best settlement offers possible in a wide range of cases.

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Auto Crash Master Class

Featuring Dr. Arthur C. Croft, Dorothy Clay Sims, Keith Mitnik, and Dr. Michael Freeman

Explore critical strategies with two of the nation’s top trial lawyers as well as leading experts in the areas of crash reconstruction, biomechanics, and medicine.

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New! The High Impact Graphics Collection

Top-Quality Demonstratives Are a Click Away

The High Impact collection contains a curated library of over a hundred top-quality medical illustrations ready for immediate download for use in your demand letters, settlement packages, and trial exhibits.

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The Indispensable Paralegal

By Candess Zona-Mendola

“We finally have a great book for the real forces of nature in the practice of law—paralegals. This book is a must-read for paralegals. It probably wouldn’t hurt for lawyers to read it as well.”

Charla Aldous, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates and has over 250 jury trials under her belt with over $1 billion in verdicts

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The Medical Malpractice Trial

By Michael Koskoff & Sean McElligott

“Anyone thinking of handling a medical malpractice case should read this book.”

Rick Friedman, past president of the Inner Circle of Advocates and coauthor of Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability

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