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Dont Eat the Bruises Keith Mitnik Review

Book Review: Don’t Eat the Bruises Reviewed in The Verdict

November 7, 2017

By: Anthony J. Skemp Originally published in the Summer 2016 issue of The Verdict: The quarterly publication of the Wisconsin Association for Justice. Don’t Eat the Bruises: How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case Having a mentor is critical to a young lawyer’s development and growth. Throughout my ... Read more »

30b6 by Mark Kosieradzki

Book Review: 30(b)(6) Reviewed in Minnesota Trial

November 6, 2017

By: Nate Bjerke Originally published in the Summer 2017 issue of Minnesota Trial: The Journal of the Minnesota Association for Justice 30(b)(6): Deposing Corporations, Organizations & the Government All of us who have ever sued a corporation, the government or any organization have, rubbing our temples, stared at stacks of ... Read more »