Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer’s Guide to Proving Liability

Rick Friedman & Patrick Malone

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Rules of the Road™ is America’s bestselling text on proving liability. Since its original release in 2006, it has helped lawyers throughout the country win six-, seven-, and eight-figure verdicts in cases with difficult liability. The book is Trial Guides #1 bestselling book, is widely discussed in CLE lectures and legal Listservs by the country’s leading lawyers, and is taught in trial advocacy classes in numerous law schools. It is considered a "must-read” book for every plaintiff’s lawyer, and is heavily referenced by other leading advocacy texts including David Ball on Damages 3, and Reptile by David Ball and Don Keenan.

Rules of the Road ™ does not simply cover motor vehicle cases as the name may suggest. Instead, it teaches a systematic litigation method for use in legal cases, including product liability, medical malpractice, insurance bad faith, employment, commercial, wrongful death, trucking, premises liability, nursing home, environmental, and securities litigation, as well as many other areas of law.

In the second edition, the authors significantly revised this groundbreaking work. In addition to revisions throughout the book clarifying concepts in the first edition, Friedman and Malone added six new chapters and three appendices. They cover the differences between rules and principles, how to troubleshoot your rules, and how to fit Rules of the Road™ techniques into your case themes. They discuss how to use rules earlier in your case with motions in limine and during voir dire. They also include samples of rules from a variety of cases, such as medical malpractice, product liability, insurance claims practice cases, and many more.

In addition to their own experiences of trying cases with the Rules of the Road ™ technique, the authors include contributions from nationally prominent trial lawyers, and they teach you how to use these tools to win your own trials.

This title is part of the Rules of the Road™ series by Trial Guides™.

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Paperback: 352 pages; 2nd edition (2010); ISBN: 9781951962111
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction
  2. Defining the Problem
  3. Solving the Problem
  4. Identifying the Rules of the Road
  5. Developing a Working List of Rules
  6. Why Rules and Principles Need to Be Kept Distinct
  7. The Plaintiff's Expert
  8. The Daubert-Proofed Expert
  9. Discovery
  10. Troubleshooting Your Rules
  11. Fitting the Rules into Your Case Story
  12. A Special Problem: Rules of the Road in Automobile Cases
  13. Motions and the Rules of the Road
  14. Finalizing the Rules of the Road
  15. Motions In Limine About the Rules
  16. Voir Dire
  17. Opening Statement
  18. Direct Examination of Your Expert
  19. Cross Examination
  20. Closing Arguments
  21. Final Thoughts
  22. Appendices

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

It’s hard to improve on a masterpiece, but Rick Friedman and Pat Malone did it again. The second edition masterfully provides case examples and practical templates beyond the first edition. It takes all of us to a new level. A must-have and must-read.

— Don Keenan, author of author of Reptile and 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe, and member of the Inner Circle of Advocates