Reptile Endorsed by Leading Experts

Reptile Don Keenan David Ball

There has been an incredible reaction in the trial lawyer community regarding Reptile: The 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff's Revolution by Don Keenan and David Ball. The book received unprecedented pre-orders, and lawyers using the techniques have already obtained six, seven and eight figure verdicts across the country.

Leading trauma epidemiologist, author, and lecturer Dr. Michael Freeman, gives the book a glowing review, stating:

"The Reptilian model of litigation offers the clearest explanation of how and why the defense wins by inciting irrational fear in jurors, and how the plaintiff counters these deceptive practices by helping jurors understand their role as the ultimate stewards of community safety and welfare. From a scientific standpoint this method works."

Reptile discusses how to use the neuroscience of decision-making in your next trial. It allows you to create trial themes that appeal to jurors.

Knock tort reform off its feet with the straightforward strategies in Reptile.