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Defeating the "Malingering Defense" in Personal Injury Litigation

The International Brian Injury Association recently released an article by brain injury attorney Dorothy Clay Sims, entitled "An Autopsy on the Fake Bad Scale."

Consider reading the article if you handle any personal injury cases in which your client may have suffered from brain or psychological injuries. In the article, the authors discuss multiple problems with the Fake Bad Scale (FBS, also known as Symptom Validity Scale), a controversial test for measuring malingering.

Unfortunately for brain injury survivors and their trial lawyers, the FBS is commonly used as a defense in brain injury and psychological injury cases where opposing counsel claims your client is malingering, or lying for money. Fortunately, trial lawyer Rick Friedman has developed an effective way to beat the malingering defense. In Polarizing the Case, Rick teaches you to get defense counsel or the defense doctor to either admit your client is legitimately hurt, or admit they are blatantly calling your client a liar. Rick Friedman's Polarizing technique, in combination with Sims' article, has the power to remove all doubt in the jurors' minds as to who is lying, and who is telling the truth.

Download the article and buy your copy of Polarizing the Case today.

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