Mastering Trial Strategy Using Proven Methods of the Masters

Moe Levine on Advocacy

Moe Levine is indisputably one of the greatest trial attorneys of all time. Long before tort reform was even a discussion, Levine discovered what moved people, what motivated jurors, and perhaps subconsciously what played to the jurors' mind. Through his decades of lectures, Levine left us a treasure chest of winning trial methods.  These methods continue to be used by leading trial lawyers Rick FriedmanDon Keenan, Brian Panish and many more.

We invite you to absorb the genius of Levine, a trial lawyer who was decades ahead of his time with Moe Levine on Advocacy. Your education as a trial lawyer is not complete without it.

We are also happy to make available a CD set of four rare recorded lectures by Levine titled Moe Levine: The Historic Recordings. The book and CD set contain all known lectures and transcripts available by Moe Levine, and will provide you many case-winning ideas.