New! Reptile - Welcome to the Revolution CLE

New! Reptile - Welcome to the Revolution CLE

David Ball - Reptile: Welcome to the Revolution CLE
June 12th & 13th, 2009
Hyatt regency DFW in Dallas, TX

Through his teaching, best-selling trial advocacy books, and case advising, David Ball has long been America's most influential trial consultant and jury researcher. After many years teaching lawyers how to present damages, David Ball presents a special seminar through Trial Guides.

Since mid-2006, David Ball and three of America's top trial attorneys; Atlanta's Don Keenan, Kentucky's Gary Johnson, and Wyoming's Jim Fitzgerald; have been conducting a unique series of deep-research jury sessions across the country. The results have surpassed the team's most optimistic hopes, and will revolutionize the legal field's understanding of juror decision-making. Without throwing out the tried-and-true David Ball on Damages methodology or any of a number of other effective approaches, the new methods transform even the worst of jurors into your allies. The playing field remains as steeply tilted as ever; but now the tilt is in our favor.

The results of the 2006-08 research mean that the long courtroom nightmare of "tort-reform" is finally ending. If you think this is an exaggeration, you have not yet learned the new approach.

Do not go back to trial without knowing the new research. Space is limited to 150 seats, so reserve your seat today.