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David Ball

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Publisher's note: This is the audiobook version of the Trial Guides hardback edition of David Ball on Damages 3. David Ball reads you the content on this book.

David Ball on Damages is America's bestselling text on proving damages. Now, David Ball on Damages 3 teaches you how to integrate the Reptile and Rules of the Road methods, along with new voir dire techniques, into the classic Damages method. Damages 3 provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare opening statements; how to handle cross-examinations and defense "expert" examinations; and new, key methods that explain the relationship between liability and damages. David Ball on Damages 3 is filled with improvements and refinements based on thousands of hours of research and real case preparation that Ball and his partner, Artemis Malekpour, have uncovered since the second edition's 2005 release. Ball explains why jurors give, why they do not, and how to motivate them to provide a large verdict. Damages 3 provides practical, effective, and innovative methods for pursuing damages, while alerting readers to pitfalls that both new and experienced attorneys are prone to. The techniques and tools that Damages 3 provides counter sophisticated opposition tactics, the public mood, and laws and rules that continue to grow more hostile.


CD/Audio Digital Download: 788 minutes; 12 discs; 3rd edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833407
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [69:54]

  1. David Ball on Damages 3
  2. Preface
  3. Introduction
  4. Chapter 1. Fundamentals
  5. Introduction: The Poisoned Pool
  6. Fundamental One: Juror Self-Protection
  7. Fundamental Two: Proportion of Time on Harms and Losses
  8. Fundamental Three: You
  9. Fundamental Four: Client's Point of View
  10. Fundamental Five: Defendant Conduct
  11. Fundamental Six: Inadvertent Wrongdoing
  12. Fundamental Seven: Worthwhileness of Money
  13. Fundamental Eight: Fix, Help, Make Up For

Disc 2 [69:53]

  1. Chapter 1 (continued). Fundamental Nine: Degree of Harms and Losses
  2. Fundamental Ten: Who Gets the Money?
  3. Fundamental Eleven: Importance
  4. Fundamental Twelve: Going Home Afterward
  5. Fundamental Thirteen: Compromise Kills
  6. Fundamental Fourteen: Seen Worse, Been Worse
  7. Fundamental Fifteen: People Should Pay for Their Own Problems
  8. Fundamental Sixteen: Divine Punishment ("God is My Co-Juror")
  9. Fundamental Seventeen: Don't Wanna Punish the Defendant
  10. Chapter 2. Noneconomic Damages
  11. Obstacle 1: No Worthwhileness
  12. Obstacle 2: No Way to Calculate
  13. Obstacle 3: Can’t Define "Compensation"
  14. Obstacle 4: Defense Plea for Jury Nullification
  15. Obstacle 5: Bad Comparison to Economic Damages
  16. Obstacle 6: Why Pay Family to be Caretakers? Why Pay for Professional Care When the Family Can Do It?
  17. Obstacle 7: "Even If That's the Right Amount, It's Far Too Much for Any Individual"
  18. Chapter 3. Rules for Jurors: Preponderance; Harms and Losses Only
  19. The Preponderance Template
  20. The Preponderance Formula
  21. Preponderance Template: Jury Voir Dire

Disc 3 [67:19]

  1. Chapter 3 (continued). Preponderance Template: Opening (The Boilerplate Tag)
  2. Preponderance Template in Plaintiff's Testimony
  3. Preponderance Template in Defense Testimony
  4. Preponderance Template in Closing
  5. Preponderance Template: Conclusion
  6. The Harms-and-Losses-Only Template
  7. The Harms-and-Losses-Only Template: Jury Voir Dire
  8. The Harms-and-Losses-Only Template: Opening
  9. The Harms-and-Losses-Only Template: Testimony
  10. The Harms-and-Losses-Only Template: Closing
  11. Chapter 4. With or Without Jury Voir Dire
  12. Voir Dire Limitations: Fight Them! No Voir Dire? Fight for It
  13. Juror's First Impression: Primacy and Persistence
  14. How to Ask
  15. Tort "Reform"
  16. Noneconomic Damages: Spotting Problem Jurors
  17. Other Noneconomic Elements
  18. Tolerance for Pain
  19. Asking about (or Sneaking in) a Specific Figure in Voir Dire
  20. Asking About Caps
  21. Juror Demographics Affecting Damages

Disc 4 [69:27]

  1. Chapter 4 (continued). Personality Traits
  2. Religion Matters
  3. Inadvertence
  4. Leaders
  5. Child Witnesses
  6. Paid Experts
  7. Multiple Survivors
  8. Harms Consultants
  9. Harms and Losses List
  10. Final Thoughts
  11. Chapter 5. Opening Statement
  12. Introduction
  13. Your Standing with the Jury
  14. Structure
  15. The Template
  16. The Template
  17. Opening. Part I: Primary Rule(s)

Disc 5 [62:21]

  1. Chapter 5 (continued). Opening. Part II. Story of What the Defendant Did
  2. Opening. Part III. Who We are Suing and Why
  3. Opening. Part IV. Undermine

Disc 6 [67:48]

  1. Chapter 5 (continued). Opening. Part V. Causation and Damages
  2. Opening. Part VI: "Before"
  3. Damages-Only Case
  4. Loss of Personal Image
  5. Beware the Unknown: What Jurors Don’t Know Can Clobber You
  6. Keep Jurors Listening
  7. Fear of Not Understanding
  8. Motivations
  9. Loss of Consortium
  10. E-nun-ci-ate
  11. Stop the Bullet Points
  12. Dress Approachably
  13. Decorate Yourself Modestly and Moderately

Disc 7 [68:57]

  1. Chapter 5 (continued). Length of Opening
  2. Eye Contact
  3. Movement
  4. Rehearse
  5. Lighting
  6. Chapter 6. Direct Examination
  7. Mud and Gold (Less Mud = More Gold)
  8. Controlling Your Witness on Direct ("What happened next?")
  9. Short Questions
  10. Don't Make Your Client a Whiner
  11. How Does that Make You Feel?
  12. Spouse
  13. Before and After Witnesses
  14. How Many?
  15. Stories
  16. Hollow Advocacy
  17. Witnesses as Sources of Worthwhileness
  18. Sequence of Witnesses: Damages Witnesses
  19. Children
  20. Grief and Pain Counselors
  21. Minimum Life-Care Plans (and Equivalents)
  22. Using Liability Witnesses for Damages
  23. Day-in-the-Life Videos
  24. Should Your Client Be in Trial?
  25. Client In and Out of Trial
  26. The Best and Cheapest Experts: High School Teachers
  27. Paid Plaintiff's Experts
  28. How to Use Experts

Disc 8 [53:18]

  1. Chapter 7. Cross-Examination
  2. Rules for Analysis
  3. Hitchhiking: Use Defense Liability Experts for Damages
  4. Undermining Defense Life-Expectancy Estimates
  5. Undermining Accusations of Malingering and Exaggeration of Symptoms
  6. "Litigation Syndrome" and Other Bogusaria
  7. Control
  8. Chapter 8. Closing
  9. Overview
  10. When to Write It
  11. Make Jurors Listen
  12. Teaching Your Favorable Jurors How to Win (Arming Them)
  13. Keep on KISSING!
  14. Why Are You Saying That?
  15. Help Jurors Respond to the Folks at Home
  16. Essentials for Closing
  17. Minimum Life-Care Plan in Closing

Disc 9 [56:41]

  1. Chapter 8 (continued). Massaging the Jury Instructions and Questions
  2. Language
  3. Intangibles Argument: Ratio to Tangible Losses
  4. Holistic Damages
  5. SCALES: Calculating the Intangible Losses
  6. Admit Some Fault
  7. Comparative Fault: Double Dipping
  8. Proportions: The Damages Circle
  9. How Do You Decide on Appropriate Amounts?
  10. Jurors' Weekends and Other Treasures
  11. The First Thing You Think
  12. Two Futures
  13. Safety
  14. Judo Law and "The Gift of Malingering"
  15. Vague Language
  16. People Care v. Money Care
  17. Closing: Quickies
  18. Chapter 9. Public Respect and Trust: Restore It and Deserve It
  19. The Problem
  20. The Foolproof Solution

Disc 10 [63:57]

  1. Chapter 9 (continued). Does It Work?
  2. The Specifics
  3. A Potpourri of Good Works
  4. Rejecting Cases
  5. Organizations
  6. Show the World
  7. Epilogue
  8. Appendix A. Jury Voir Dire
  9. The Law
  10. Rule #1
  11. Open-Ended Questions
  12. The All-Purpose Follow-Up Questions
  13. Demographics: The Error
  14. The Worst Role Model: The Defense
  15. Poisoning the Jury
  16. Inoculation: Anticipating Defense Poison Questions
  17. Inoculate
  18. Creating Inoculation Questions
  19. Which Inoculation?

Disc 11 [68:57]

  1. Appendix A (continued). "Why Is She Asking About That?"
  2. Home
  3. Get the Whole Answer
  4. Interrupting
  5. Rewording
  6. Get Them Talking
  7. Enjoyment v. Control
  8. Voir Dire: To See Speaking
  9. Conditioning
  10. When the Judge Stops You
  11. Identifying Leaders
  12. Depth of Attitude/Opinion/Belief
  13. The Last Six Questions
  14. Challenging for Cause

Disc 12 [69:15]

  1. Appendix A (continued). Pretrial Rehearsal
  2. Judge Approved Questions; Judge-Conditioned Voir Dire
  3. Appendix B. Story for Opening Statements
  4. Storytelling
  5. Appendix C. Sample Opening
  6. Appendix D. Differential Diagnosis in Med Mal Opening
  7. Appendix E. Sample First-Person Story for Closing
  8. Acknowledgements for the Third Edition
  9. A Final Word

Total running time: 13 hours, 8 minutes

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Richard H.
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Damages 3
Damages 3
Published date
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Brian A.
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Poor As An Audiobook
This review is purely of this product as an audiobook. It is one track and not broken up into chapters that you can select through any of the common media players. That is horrendously sloppy in this day and age. This significantly limits the books usefulness
Comments by Store Owner on Review by Store Owner on Fri Dec 10 2021
Store Owner
Hi Brian, I am sorry for the confusion and inconvenience. It sounds like you downloaded the mp3 version of the audiobook. In the zip file you received when you purchased the audio digital download, you should have received an m4b option as well. This is the common-use audiobook file that breaks up each individual chapter. If you'd like help downloading the m4b file to your device, please contact our customer service team at sales@trialguides.com and they can walk you through the download process. Please let our team know if you have any additional questions!
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A most excellent combination of communication arts with utility in and out of a court setting.
I'm not a lawyer, or a man of any significant academic title. I do study law in general and the Bible. Communication involves bringing others to understanding. This was tragically true in Adam's time, revealingly true in Jesus time, and it is still Mans
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Cassandra T.
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David Ball on Damages 3
I have read Damages 1, and wanted to refresh myself on David's thoughts. Quite a bit of new information here. David is always full of great ideas to keep us focused on what we are asking for .
Published date
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Dennis P.
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David’s system gives practitioners a
David’s system gives practitioners a track to run on. It’s a cohesive approach that ties together all aspects from discovery to closing.
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