New Motor Vehicle Collision CLE for Lawyers and Doctors

New Motor Vehicle Collision CLE for Lawyers and Doctors

Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases
May 15-16, 2009

We are pleased to present an intensive two-day seminar on handling motor vehicle cases with Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Esq.  DeShaw is the author of the authoritative text on Colossus, the computer program used by most auto insurance companies to evaluate bodily injury claims, and a leading authority on writing insurance demand letters. He has individually, and in cooperation with other law firms, obtained settlements and verdicts for clients of over $400 million. DeShaw rarely lectures, and this intensive seminar is his first in four years.

DeShaw will discuss how to handle your motor vehicle cases in a way that will obtain the best possible outcomes in settlement negotiations, and in trial. He will discuss how claims are segmented at major auto insurers into five types of claims, and how to best handle each of these types of claims.  DeShaw will discuss specific styles of demand letters to obtain the best outcome depending upon the insurer.

The program will also draw upon DeShaw's background as a doctor, and will include instruction on identifying, understanding, and confirming your client injuries.

Topics in this motor vehicle CLE will include:

  • Bill and procedure review software and the impact on economic damages
  • Injury claims assessment software (including Colossus)
  • Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) cases
  • Special Investigations Unit and how to avoid SIU cases
  • Permanent injuries under the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of
  • Permanent Impairment
  • Advanced imaging to support injuries, including motion x-ray, Krakenes protocol MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, blood flow and CSF flow studies, and more.
  • Use of other advanced testing to support injuries
  • The seminar will also cover spotting common injuries that will substantially change case value, including:
  • Upper cervical ligament rupture
  • Inner ear injuries
  • Mild traumatic brain injuries
  • Other advanced diagnostic topics
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