David Ball on Damages 3 Now Available for Pre-Order

David Ball on Damages 3 Now Available for Pre-Order

Trial Guides is pleased to announce the pre-order of David Ball on Damages 3.

David Ball on Damages has been America’s best selling text on proving damages since the release of the brilliant first edition in 2001.  The second (red) edition has been one of the best selling books at Trial Guides.

Now, David Ball on Damages 3 teaches you how to integrate the Reptile and Rules of the Road methods, along with new voir dire techniques, into the classic Damages method. Damages 3 provides step-by-step guidance on how to prepare opening statements, how to handle cross examinations and defense "expert" examinations, and new, key methods that explain the relationship between liability and damages.

The new David Ball on Damages 3 is filled with improvements and refinements based on thousands of hours of research and real case preparation that Ball and his partners, Artemis Malekpour and Debra Miller, have uncovered since the second edition’s 2005 release. Ball explains why jurors give, why they do not, and how to motivate them to provide a large verdict.

Damages 3 provides practical, effective, and innovative methods for pursuing damages, while alerting readers to pitfalls that both new and experienced attorneys are prone to. The techniques and tools provided in Damages 3 counter sophisticated opposition tactics, the public mood, and laws and rules that continue to grow more hostile.