Customer Obtains $755K Verdict on $300K Offer Using Rules of the Road

Customer Obtains $755K Verdict on $300K Offer Using Rules of the Road

We recently received the following lawyer success story using Rules of the Road:

"I recently tried a bad faith case here in Kentucky that was supposed to be a very conservative jurisdiction. The judge, as well as everyone else, warned me not to turn down the offer of $300,000. We did, and the verdict was $755,000 plus $195,000 to be added for attorneys fees. Not a big verdict for California, but very respectable for here.

Two jurors approached me afterwards. One said she liked the organization that we demonstrated (We used a lot of "on the fly" powerpoint, and I had the "Rules of the Road" on two poster boards for their view at all times.) The other juror thanked me for bringing the case and pointing out what insurance companies are supposed to be doing. What a great feeling to receive such a compliment for your work.

Every witness was hammered about the Rules of the Road. They all admitted the rules applied. They then looked very silly in opining that there was no bad faith.

I spent a lot of time reading Rules of the Road before the trial. I altered my approach because of the book, by emphasizing the "rules" which kept the focus on the defendant's conduct. (I just purchased my second one for my expert witness in my next up-coming trial.)

Thanks for writing the book and sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.

M. Austin Mehr
Austin Mehr Law Offices, P.S.C.
Lexington, KY"

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