Lawyer Uses David Ball on Damages to Obtain $1.25 Million Verdict

Lawyer Uses David Ball on Damages to Obtain $1.25 Million Verdict

We recently received the following lawyer success story using the methods in David Ball on Damages.

"My colleague and I recently attended [David Ball's] seminar in Atlantic City during the ATLA Convention in New Jersey. Ms McFadden Esq. and I were mesmerized with your suggestions and techniques. We discussed them at length, ordered your new book and utilized what we learned in a matter captioned Yucius v Venturi in Sussex County N.J.

Sussex County is rural and is arguably one of the most conservative counties in N.J.. I am sure we have Democrats living here but they don't dare tell anyone! Last night at 6pm following an 8 day trial and a 3 hour deliberation, the Sussex County Jury returned a verdict of $1.25m! This represents one of the largest personal injury verdicts in county history and will be front page news tomorrow. Our client Jill Yucius (age 27) sustained an injury to her low back requiring fusion surgery and sustained an injury to her shoulder requiring arthroscopic surgery following an auto accident. The defense attorney had valued the case at less than $200,000.

On behalf of Lauren McFadden Esq. our client Jill Yucius and me I want to thank you for the work that you do. This money will help Jill begin to put her life back together. I told Jill and her parents that they also needed to thank a man they never met...his name is David Ball. Thank you David!

Most sincerely,
Andrew A. Fraser Esq.
Laddey Clark & Ryan Esq.
Sparta, NJ"

David Ball on Damages (both in book and audio CD set), provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys seeking damages for their clients. Ball explains why jurors give, why they do not, and how to motivate them to do the former instead of the latter. He walks readers through voir dire, opening, Direct examination, and closing.  David Ball on Damages provides practical, effective, and innovative methods for pursuing damages.