David Ball's How to Do Your Own Focus Groups Comes to Trial Guides

David Ball's How to Do Your Own Focus Groups Comes to Trial Guides

Trial Guides is happy to announce a new distribution deal with NITA allowing us to bring several books by leading trial consultants David Ball and Eric Oliver to Trial Guides customers.

How to Do Your Own Focus Groups is easy-to-follow book, written by leading jury consultant and best-selling trial advocacy author David Ball.  The book shows you how to organize and direct your own focus groups from deciding what kind of focus group best fits your case, to selecting the focus-jurors, to analyzing your conclusions. The book is designed so that attorneys can easily start conducting their own focus groups and it also contains information about hiring trial consultants to run them for you.

The procedures, advice, and warnings in How to Do Your Own Focus Groups are based on decades of research and experience by a wide variety of specialists. The book shows you how to properly conduct focus groups, which in turn allow you to:

  • identify the important issues and the probable range of juror reaction to them
  • discover the reasons jurors are likely to lean either way on each issue
  • show the strategies and approaches of each which are likely to work
  • provide new ideas for how to present the case
  • identify which ideas are weak or harmful
  • create themes, arguments, and analogies
  • demonstrate which beliefs, attitudes, life experiences, and backgrounds jurors are likely to bring into play in court
  • show how well the exhibits work and how to improve them

The book comes with a CD-ROM that includes sample schedules, letters, forms, and questionnaires that you can easily import and adapt to your focus group. How to Do Your Own Focus Groups clearly shows why well-known attorneys like Donald Beskind, Esq., Raleigh, NC, say, "when it comes to effective and inexpensive jury research, no one is better than David Ball."

Reviews for How to Do Your Own Focus Groups:

“Every trial lawyer should be using focus groups on their cases and David Ball shows us how to do it effectively.”- Ernie Teitell, Silver, Golub & Teitell, Stanford, CT

“David Ball’s book is a good ‘paint by the numbers’ for the beginning trial lawyer and, most importantly, a needed text for the experienced practitioner who wants to push the envelope and squeeze the focus group deliberations for every possible ounce of information.” - Don C. Keenan, The Keenan Law Firm, Atlanta, GA

“…the only publication to date that provides the legal practitioner with the basics of how to conduct your own focus group. All of David’s secrets are contained in this book. It is a ‘must purchase’ for any jury trial attorney.” - Paul R. D’Amato, Linwood, NJ

“Not only does David explain what you should do and how you should do it, the Appendix will take you successfully through a focus group session with sample forms for use at each step of the process.” - From the Foreword by Howard F. Twiggs, Twiggs Beskind Strickland & Rabenau PA, Raleigh, NC