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Trial Guides Product Review Blog Post

Despite serving the legal profession since 2004, Trial Guides didn't have the correct technology to collect and display product reviews until 2020.  You will see many of our best selling products such as Rules of the Road, David Ball on Damages, Polarizing the Case, Moe Levine on Advocacy, and other older products have very few customer reviews despite selling tens of thousands of copies.  We are asking our customers for help in correcting this issue.

You may have noticed that starting approximately one year ago, we started seeking reviews by e-mail through our rating and review technology platform Yotpo.  We feel that providing reviews allows you to help other lawyers, particularly new lawyers, understand the value of Trial Guides products on their career. For more experienced lawyers, they want peer to peer recommendations that a book, webinar, video or method contained within has helped them become a better lawyer.  So, if you have purchased a product in the past, we would love to have you review it on our web site.  Your review will also show up on the product page, as well as the central review page for all Trial Guides reviews, which is located at:

You can now also rate Trial Guides as a company on that review page.  If we have helped you in your legal career, or improved the outcomes for your clients, we would love to hear about how Trial Guides has helped you. 

Beyond the product rating and review system, Trial Guides has received many success stories from customers since the very early days of the company when our first book on Colossus dramatically transformed a lawyer's life within just a few months.  Countless settlements and verdicts have been positively impacted by lawyers using Trial Guides products.  The reason Trial Guides exists is to help lawyers achieve greatness and the success that follows. Trial Guides would love to hear about your success story using Trial Guides products.  

Some success stories may be about individual cases, but at this point many lawyers have also built great careers around the use of Trial Guides products.  We would like to hear stories about how Trial Guides has impacted your career.  With your permission we would like to spread the word of your success by posting it on the Trial Guides social media or blog with back links to your web site.  It is a great way to let your colleagues know about the benefits of using Trial Guides products, and feature your success on a highly authoritative legal profession web page. For success story submissions, please use the customer support page to contact our office manager.  We will work with you from there to get your success story onto the Trial Guides web page.

Lastly, in the early days of Trial Guides many of the legal community magazines published articles about new Trial Guides products and the methods contained within them.  The Trial Guides blog notes many of these articles on our Colossus products, Trial in Action, From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves, Twelve Heroes One Voice, Becoming a Trial Lawyer, and many more.  There was a time when each Trial Guides release received multiple review articles throughout the United States.  Now, few new legal methods are discussed in local, state and national publications, which we should all find very concerning.  As society experiences changes, our methods must change if we want to excel as a lawyer.  If your county, state or national bar association or trial lawyer association will publish a review of a Trial Guides book or video product, please contact us.  We are happy to work with you to provide you a review copy of the product if the organization is willing to publish the resulting review.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Trial Guides.