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Rick Friedman: Taking it to the Next Level with Moral Core Advocacy

By now your new edition of Rules of the Road is sitting on your night stand, largely read, with scribbled notes in the margins. "This book is great," you're thinking, "but I want more."

If you have the nuts and bolts of your trial strategy down and are concerned about the jury's perception of your credibility, consider Rick's new CD/DVD set Moral Core Advocacy. Many Trial Guides customers tell us they love listening to this lecture repeatedly during their commute. It is inspiring for plaintiff lawyers, and helps inspire both new and old trial lawyers for their next trial.

Inner Circle of Advocates member Bob Spohrer recently noted, "At the AAJ Convention I stopped at the Trial Guides table and picked up Rick Friedman's new lecture, Moral Core Advocacy. I listened to the CD on the plane ride home. I was so moved by the lecture that yesterday I pulled all our lawyers into the conference room to watch the DVD as a group. This prompted two hours of animated discussion about our cases and how they will benefit from Rick's powerful insights. This is an important and empowering message and I recommend it to all of you and your firms."

Buy your copy of Rick Friedman's Moral Core Advocacy today.

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