More Reviews for Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road 1st Ed. Friedman and Malone

More reviews are coming in for Trial Guides new book Rules of the Road by Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone.

“Friedman and Malone have given trial lawyers a road map to success.  It make the reader re-evaluate how a case should be prepared and triad, and emphasizes how the trial begins in discovery.  The book helps make complete lawyers even better and, believe me, these authors are complete lawyers.”

Stuart Z. Grossman - named Florida Trial Lawyer of the Year by the American Board of Trial Advocates, and member of the International Academy of Trial Lawyers


Rules of the Road is innovative, interesting, easy to understand and follow, and its logic is very compelling.  Any trial lawyer could benefit from reading this book.  Too often, trial advocacy books do not ‘tie it all together.’  That is one thing in which these authors have excelled – taking the basic concepts of ‘rules’ and showing how to develop and use them in every stage of a case.”

Larry S. Stewart, Past President, Association of Trial Lawyers of America