Trial Guides Releases Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road 1st Edition

Lawyers Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone have written what we believe will become the definitive trial advocacy text on liability for plaintiff lawyers.  We may be biased, because we are the publishers.  But don’t take our word for it. Here is what leaders in the plaintiff bar are saying about Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff Lawyer's Guide to Proving Liability:

Rules of the Road does not belong on your bookshelf or your desk; it belongs in your mind.  Get it there before you even think about your next trial.  It contains two special joys: It teaches something usable on almost every page, and what it teaches is dead-on right.”

David Ball, Ph.D., author of David Ball on Damages 

“Whether a neophyte or seasoned, trial lawyers will love this book, while learning how to combat his or her worst enemies: complexity, confusion and ambiguity.”  

Thomas A. Demetrio - Fellow of: The American College of Trial Lawyers; The International Academy of Trial Lawyers; and The Inner Circle of Advocates.

We have a special, limited-time offer which the authors asked us to extend to their professional colleagues.  From now until the end of December, you can buy Rules of the Road direct from Trial Guides for a 20% discount.  This discount is available nowhere else.  Order today, to take advantage of the special discount that expires December 31, 2005.  You can order online at Trial Guides. Or you can order by telephone at (800) 309-6845. Rules of the Road is also available for pre-order at for your convenience, but the discount does not apply at that site.  

Rules of the Road is the first of our Trial Guides series, aimed at providing concise and practical instruction to practicing lawyers, written by the finest trial lawyers in the nation.   There are several more great titles already underway.  Visit Trial Guides for more information.