Preventing Medical Malpractice with "The Life You Save"

The Life You Save Patrick Malone

A holiday message from David Ball to my friends!

"Pat Malone has written a book that everyone, not just attorneys but everyone, needs to read. It is called The Life You Save: Nine Steps to Finding the Best Medical Care and Avoiding the Worst. The title is no exaggeration.

I'm telling you about this book for two reasons: First, I want anyone important to me to have read this book. I'm no great fan of self-help books, but this is a self protection book, and it's essential. If you have children it is more than essential.

Second, this is exactly the kind of book that should be on your professional web site, because it demonstrates that you want people to be safe. Start a category called 'Protect Yourself and Your Family.' Make it a collection of books and other resources that protect and help people. Provide a brief description of the book, and a link to it.

There's no better way to start that kind of list than with The Life You Save. You can also add Don Keenan's 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe. If you want more suggestions, ask me.

This is important because on every jury, some jurors will come to your web site early in trial. One of the things you want them to see is that you do more than make money: that you also care about keeping people safe even when it has nothing to do with making yourself money. That simple fact can make a lot of difference in your credibility with the jury. It helps break the evil-lawyer stereotype, and that can make all the difference in the outcome of your trial.

So do good by doing good: Use The Life You Save and 365 Ways to launch the most important part of your personal brand. Please do not think of this as a trivial act; it may be the most important thing on your web site, not only for jurors, but for prospective clients whose main concern is to find a lawyer who really cares about people.

Consider giving The Life You Save to everyone you know for Christmas; family, clients, friends, and staff. Not many holiday gifts will save lives; these will. The Life You Save is $15.95 and less in bulk from Trial Guides. You can order Don Keenan's book from the Keenan Kids Foundation for $29.95. As with all of Keenan's books, a large percentage of the proceeds benefit the Keenan's Kids Foundation.

At $15.95, Pat Malone obviously has not written this book to make money, but instead to save a bunch of lives. It is the kind of effort I wish I could see from every lawyer, and you can join it by getting it on your site and getting it into the hands of everyone you care about.

The Life You Save has 5-star ratings on Amazon and was featured on the Today Show and other media appearances. And its importance is going to grow as the medical field changes over the next few years. Read it yourself and I'll bet that you'll start sending out your own letters about it!

- David Ball