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Keenan and Ball's Reptile Helps Attorney Win Multi-Million Dollar Jury Verdicts

Over the course of the past six months, David Ball and Don Keenan have revealed a new method of trying cases based upon fundamental human needs which the "reptilian" brain regulates. Lawyers throughout the country are trying these methods and winning large verdicts. As reported last week, two lawyers in Texas obtained an $85 million verdict and a $20 million verdict using the method. More recently, Keith Fryer of Georgia obtained a $5.5 million judgment in an auto-pedestrian collision case using the Reptile method.

In Fryer's case, a dump truck backed through a crosswalk to engage a dumpster in a public roadway, and hit a pedestrian. Although placing dumpsters in public roadways was a violation, many of the trash collection companies in town were breaking the law to save time and money. Mr. Fryer argued the harm that the dump truck did to the plaintiff was a danger extended to every juror and every citizen in town. Using the strategies he learned at a Reptile seminar, Fryer explained the community purpose behind giving a large verdict in cases that threatened members of the community. Recognizing the inherent danger involved in the conduct, the jury returned a verdict of $5.5 million for Fryer's client.

While only by a small number of lawyers who have attended the Ball / Keenan Reptile CLEs throughout the country know the secrets of the "Reptile" strategy, the book Reptile: The 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff’s Revolution will be available soon. The book instructs how to present your case so the jurors' reptilian brains compel them to ignore tort reform conditioning and return a substantial verdict for your client.

Pre-order your copy of Reptile today.

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