Keith Mitnik Package

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Winning at the Beginning

The Untapped Power of Voir Dire, Opening, and Beyond (CD)

Winning at the Beginning is a practical approach to solving some of the most common litigation problems by starting your case with a strong opening and a well-chosen jury. Keith Mitnik, one of America’s leading...

Don't Eat the Bruises

How to Foil Their Plans to Spoil Your Case (Paperback)

Up to 70 percent of jurors will have made their decision by the end of opening statements. Attorney Keith Mitnik has developed a successful method to show you how to win at the start and...

The Power of Analogy


In every case, you face an insurance adjustor, arbitrator, judge, or jury who makes a decision about the facts in your case. These decision-makers often interpret (or misinterpret) legal concepts and evidence in terms of...