Keith Mitnik’s Don’t Eat the Bruises reaches 100 customer reviews with a 4.9 star rating

Keith Mitnik’s Don’t Eat the Bruises reaches 100 customer reviews with a 4.9 star rating

100 customer reviews praise Keith Mitnik's best selling legal book Don't Eat the Bruises

Over the course of our 20 year history as a publishing company, Trial Guides has been way ahead with technology in some regards, and way behind in others.  While we were an early eCommerce company and built expertise in many aspects of online sales, digital marketing strategies and eBook applications, we also have been slow to find the right technology solution in other regards.  One area where we faced real challenges was in finding a high quality rating and review system for our web site. As a result, Trial Guides didn’t start collecting reviews on its products with its present rating and review system until 2019.  As a result, many of the best selling books in the company’s history (some of which have sold over 20,000 copies) such as Rules of the Road, David Ball on Damages, Reptile, Polarizing the Case, Moe Levine on Advocacy, Twelve Heroes - One Voice, and many others still have a very small number of reviews because past customers have not come back to review a book that may have changed their career.  We believe that customer reviews (which we only allow to verified purchasers of the product) provide customers very truthful independent insights into whether the product will provide them value.

But, we like to celebrate the successes of our authors when we hit a new milestone in reviews.  Today we are recognizing Keith Mitnik’s best selling book Don’t Eat the Bruises for reaching 100 customer reviews.  (It is the second Trial Guides book to reach that milestone after From Hostage to Hero.) 

The book covers Keith’s insights from his work as lead litigation strategist at Morgan & Morgan, creating ideas and then testing them on a wide variety of cases through the firm’s rapidly expanding nation-wide law firm.  It provides Keith to test his ideas in a wide variety of venues throughout the country, through many different lawyers, and in cases ranging from “minor impact” auto claims and premises liability cases to medical malpractice, tobacco litigation and beyond.  Many of the concepts in the book address practical skills during voir dire, opening statement, case framing and damages. The ideas in Don’t Eat the Bruises are supplemented by Keith’s second book Deeper Cuts.

Readers have found Don’t Eat the Bruises to be one of their favorite Trial Guides books, indicated by very positive customer feedback to our staff, high sales, many success stories, and written customer ratings and reviews.  Throughout the first 100 reviews, Don’t Eat the Bruises has achieved a 4.9 star rating.  (One of the two negative review was related to the eReader technology for the eBook version – not the book itself.) Every review supports why every personal injury lawyer should purchase this book, but here are a few of our favorites:

“[I’ve] been practicing PI for 50 years and it is the best "how to" book I ever read.”

5 Stars is Not Enough
I bought this book after more than 25 years in practice and seeing Keith at an MAJ seminar. Since reading, my last two jury verdicts were both excess. The amounts awarded were hundreds of thousands of dollars over the offers in both cases. He is simple, yet eloquent. His ideas and arguments are perfectly comprehended by laymen. I will buy anything that he publishes.”

7 Million Plus Verdict Using Keith's Systems
This past week I obtained a $7,265,800.00 verdict for two senior citizens (86 and 78) that were injured in a car crash. Our case was that the plaintiff husband suffered a TBI that led to early onset dementia. We had past medical expenses of $123,000.00 and only a hired expert to substantiate the damages case. Every element of the trial from voir dire through the very last word of closing arguments was based on Keith Mitnik's trial practice systems explored in Don't Eat the Bruises and Deeper Cuts. Those systems ensure a fair jury committed to 100% full justice verdicts. We all owe Keith a great debt, and we should all be applying his methods during every trial we conduct. We owe it to our clients.”

“Don’t miss this book! Full of practical, USEABLE advice. Using Keith’s methods, we just received a $10,000,000.00 damages award—non-economic damages only—in a wrongful death trucking case, for the parents of an adult child. In Texas. In a conservative county (78% Trump voters). A must-have for your trial techniques library.”

Don’t go to trial without using this book
I have been an active civil trial practitioner for over forty years...This book is, for me, the bible I now always use with my trial cases. The suggestions are creative; very helpful, and reusable. In fact, as each jury trial approaches, I review my notes and highlights from the book each and every time. If there was the opportunity to read only one book on the way to succeed in personal injury jury trials, this is the book I would recommend.”

“This book should be mandatory reading for Plaintiff Attorneys!!

How many products do you see with real lawyer purchasers, who are that enthusiastic about a book? Why?  Because this book can change your practice and provide substantial results for your clients. It has great ideas that can apply to jurors in any part of the country. If you don’t already own this book, you should buy a copy today and read it.  If you prefer eBook or Audiobook, you can purchase any of these formats of this best selling book.