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New Trial Guides Book - Moe Levine on Advocacy

In the legal community, Moe Levine is a mix of pioneer, celebrity, genius, and hero. Moe Levine was one of the greatest lawyers of his time and was revolutionary in his lectures on advocacy techniques. Levine was also a founding member of the Inner Circle of Advocates. For years, the best and brightest attorneys in the country have coveted his out-of-print books, sending prices well over $1,000 per book. They contain a wealth of trial tactics and trial themes perfected during Moe Levine's career of over 2000 jury trials.

Trial Guides is proud to announce Moe Levine on Advocacy; the most complete collection of Moe Levine's work ever available. The book contains nearly 500 pages of lectures and closing statements, all in one affordable text. Trial Guides is pleased to pass along the wealth of knowledge from Levine's legacy to the world in this one-of-a-kind book, which Levine's family has approved.

As Inner Circle member and renowned child advocate Don Keenan wrote in the foreword, "Over thirty years ago, as a young law student, I was in the front row at a trial seminar that announced the next speaker as Moe Levine from New York. At the time I had never heard of Moe. However what I witnessed thereafter was truly a career-changing epiphany. The lights were dim and onto the raised platform came an elderly man, obviously in poor health, with little vision. Moe stood in the spotlight and began to deliver the closing argument in an injury case. For thirty minutes I sat spellbound, engrossed in the passion of this imaginary case. Real tears fell down my cheeks, and the faces of those surrounding me, and experience I will never forget."

Moe Levine is perhaps the most influential source for America's leading trial lawyers. His books and videos have been their secret weapon for decades - well before Trial Guides existed.  This book took Trial Guides founder Aaron DeShaw three years to compile and edit, in cooperation with Levine's children.  The book collects all known material - much of which was unpublished during his life, and will make his ideas accessible to a larger audience of lawyers at a much lower price. Moe Levine on Advocacy is an incredible treasure trove of ideas for your future as a lawyer. Buy your copy today.

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