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The Trial Guides Brain Injury Litigation Group helps civil plaintiffs’ lawyers improve their skills for handling brain damage cases in settlement, litigation, and trial. This group addresses all aspects of brain injury science, developments in the understanding of traumatic brain injuries as well as those of non-traumatic origin, case selection, the necessary evaluations and experts, best practices for settling brain injury cases, how to discredit junk science in brain damage cases, how to best try a brain injury case, and much more.

This is a quickly evolving area of law, and an area where deep expertise is important to best advocate for your client. The Trial Guides Brain Injury Group helps new lawyers obtain critical knowledge, and helps experienced members stay up to date with new developments in medicine and litigation methods. 

This annual subscription provides two valuable features; 1. a listserve with respected brain injury lawyers and 2. an extensive and curated document library of links to over 450 medical and psychological journal articles on topics related to the handling of brain injury cases. Topics include:
  • cognitive deficits after brain damage;
  • behavioral changes;
  • neurological findings after TBI;
  • neuropsychological testing;
  • vision disturbances after post-brain injury;
  • different types of advanced imaging (such as CT, MRI, DTI, SPECT, PET, SPECT, MEG, and others);
  • neuroendocrinology;
  • increased risks of neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinsons or Alzheimers after brain damage;
  • increased risk of autoimmune conditions;
  • increased risk of seizures;
  • understanding a client’s symptoms;
  • the right doctors to verify injuries and treat your client;
  • the development of lab testing for TBI;
  • neuro-cognitive rehabilitation;
  • optimized demand letters for brain injury cases;
  • allegations of malingering and other common defenses in brain damage cases;
  • important considerations in a brain injury trial; and
  • much more. 

We encourage members to post medical literature links, helpful briefs, orders, and other non-copyright protected material to the community library.

Listserve discussions can cover a wide array of topics including the above topics, expert witnesses for certain types of injuries, ways of dealing with challenges in a brain injury case, as well as methods to improve client outcomes in settlement and in trial.  Feel free to post a question to see if others may have insights on how to achieve the best outcomes in your brain injury cases.

This community is limited to full time plaintiff lawyers.

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