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Why Join a Trial Guides List Server Community Group?

Our goal is to make the Trial Guides Community Groups your most valuable resource for improving your success, as measured in real-world results. Beyond being able to confer with some of the most dedicated trial lawyers and leading experts in the legal community, membership will also give you:
-Access to subject specific document libraries that you and lawyers across the country will be able to add to and download from
-Easily view and respond to discussions over email
-Be able to read and respond to discussions from the community center website
-Search discussion archives and retrieve past attachments
-Allow other attorneys to find you when they need to refer a case or bring in co-counsel
Our List Server Community Groups Help/FAQ page can be found here.

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Personal Injury Litigation
Trial Guides Personal Injury Litigation Group List Server Community
Brain Injury Litigation
Trial Guides Brain Injury Litigation Group List Server Community
Maximizing Auto Settlements
Trial Guides Auto Settlement Legal Practice Group List Server Community
Spinal Injury Claims
Trial Guides Spinal Injury Litigation Group List Server Community
Defense Expert Intelligence
Trial Guides Defense Expert Intelligence Group List Server Community
Personal Injury Doctors
Trial Guides Personal Injury Doctors Group List Server Community