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Defense witnesses often travel between states to provide expert testimony. Many work for agencies that provide testimony of any type to insurance and defense legal teams. In specific fields of practice, an expert may provide testimony throughout the United States or even internationally. To collect the historical reports, testimony declarations, financial disclosures, depositions, prior evidentiary strikes or limitations, and trial testimony on these experts, you would normally have to pay individually for each document—assuming you could even find them. 

The Defense Expert Intelligence Community Group allows plaintiffs’ lawyers to freely exchange insights and information on defense experts in every field of practice and create a constantly updated document library for each expert witness. By joining the group and contributing your documents, you’ll get access to every document in the document library for free during the length of your membership. This group won’t cover just the experts, but also business entities that bill for their services, and any problems with a company or its ownership. The message content and document library will be entirely searchable (in a way not available with a normal list server) and will grant you access to a wealth of information on the defense experts most likely to show up in your cases. This list server will be free to join for the first year. 

Please note that by joining this free list server, you will be required to contribute at least 10 documents to the document library within the first 60 days of joining. 

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