Using the Story Narrative to Win in Trial

Using the Story Narrative to Win in Trial

According to Forbes magazine, Jim Perdue is the "King of Texas medical malpractice attorneys." His unprecedented multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements can be credited in part to his amazing skill of storytelling - a skill that will help lawyers in every practice area win in trial.

In Winning with Stories, Perdue analyzes narrative elements in detail, showing how to craft a story with a strong beginning, memorable scenes, believable characters, a logical plot, vivid action, and a moving conclusion. Beyond this, Perdue demonstrates how to tell the story to maximum effect, with concepts as broad as giving soul to the story, and as specific as what the speaker should wear.

Far more than a practical analysis of storytelling, Winning with Stories is also an invaluable anthology of stories, including illustrative examples of actual opening statements and closing arguments to inspire juries. Perdue includes examples of metaphors, similes, cliches, analogies, quotations, poetry, personal anecdotes, and humor, tracing their historical roots in the Bible, children's tales, books, movies, plays, and folklore.

"Jim M. Perdue has put on paper what makes him a courtroom legend. This is the best guide yet on how to persuade judges and juries. Read it, study it, follow its step-by-step approach, and you are guaranteed to become a better trial lawyer."

   - Peter T. Hoffman, director of the Blakely Advocacy Institute, University of Houston Law Center