Understanding Traumatic Injuries - For Lawyers, Paralegals and Legal Staff

Understanding Traumatic Injuries - For Lawyers, Paralegals and Legal Staff

It's no secret that litigation is like going into battle. You are outmanned by law firms with an army of lawyers. Defense attorneys making $500 per hour throw every possible motion at you to prevent the jury from learning the truth. It's hard work. A bright young attorney recently told us, "Trial Guides' products are the tools I use to win. Depending on the circumstances, I use parts of David Ball on Damages, Polarizing the Case or Rules of the Road." We would like to introduce you to another breakthrough product that will help you win by helping you understand and convey the whole truth about your case.

Understanding your clients injuries fully is critical to getting them the best settlement offer or trial verdict. Consider how many times you have fought the defenses that your client merely had a "soft tissue injury," that they were malingering, or had a personality disorder. Polarizing the Case dealt with how to address the allegation of malingering. We'd like to introduce you to a product that will help you prove your client has more than a soft tissue injury, that they aren't malingering, and that the injury is likely to cause future noneconomic damages.

Traumatic Injury Training for Lawyers and Legal Staff

Traumatic Injuries is a video lecture by doctor / lawyer, Aaron DeShaw—the founder of Trial Guides. The lecture is an advanced course on interpreting and documenting symptoms, and proving both common and less common traumatic injuries with advanced medical imaging. These include mild traumatic brain injuries, inner ear injuries, and spinal ligament injuries that can have permanent consequences documented on a new series of MRIs. Recognizing and documenting these injuries defeats defense arguments about your case being a mere "soft tissue case," malingering or somatoform disorder, because you will have objective proof of a more serious injury. Increase the value of your cases by arming yourself by improving your knowledge of your clients' injuries. Order Traumatic Injuries today!

  • Aaron DeShaw has found yet another way to help make us all better lawyers. He has managed to articulate what we need to know about traumatic injuries and what evidence will support our claim—all within minutes. We can help our clients with Aaron's knowledge and insights.
    —Larry D. Lee, SuperLawyer, Dean of Colorado Trial Lawyers Association

  • If you handle any soft tissue cases then this DVD is absolutely essential. Ten percent or more of your cases are policy limits cases. The lesson Deshaw teaches is the mistake of settling for pennies on the dollar because your client was not diagnosed with a very significant injury by objective testing (MRI etc).
    —R. Deryl Edwards Jr., Winner of 2008 F. Scott Baldwin Award, Graduate of Gerry Spence's Trial Lawyers College

  • Traumatic Injuries is required viewing for attorneys and health care providers who assist accident victims. Dr. Aaron DeShaw graciously provides viewers with groundbreaking methods to better understand, explain and prove commonly undiagnosed traumatic injuries.
    —George Sidiroplis, Esq., Wheeling, WV

An Update on Traumatic Injury Training for Lawyers and Legal Staff

[Editor note: This early Trial Guides educational program has been subsequently updated and expanded into multiple products for lawyers and legal staff interested in learning more about the traumatic injuries in their cases. Follow these links for CLEs on the following topics:

Legal Education on Traumatic Spinal Injuries:

Spinal Injury Cases, Session Two: Spinal Injuries

Legal Education on Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Overview of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Legal Education on traumatic injuries (Inner Ear injuries, extremity injuries, internal organ injuries, etc.)

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Legal Education on Malingering and Somatic Symptom Disorder

To supplement Polarizing the Case there are now two programs for lawyers on deposing and cross examining defense psychologists, neuropsychologists and psychiatrists on Malingering, Somatic Symptom Disorder, and other personality disorder defenses in personal injury cases:

Discrediting Psychological and Neuropsychological Defenses

Discrediting the Fake Bad Scale