Traumatic Injuries - On Demand

Aaron DeShaw

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Traumatic Injuries from Trial Guides on Vimeo.


This video contains Dr. DeShaw's lecture on spotting commonly missed traumatic injuries in personal injury cases. It includes presentations on traumatic brain injuries, inner ear injuries, C1 ligament injuries, and more. DeShaw guides you through advanced medical imaging, and how you can use it to prove these serious injuries. Jurors, mediators, and others can often misinterpret these injuries as malingering or symptom magnification. He takes you through the symptoms you should expect to see in these injuries, what they mean, and how you can easily turn cases that many insurers view as $5,000 "soft tissue" cases into cases worth in excess of $100,000. This DVD set includes a detailed look into how cutting edge imaging proves C1 instability using motion x-ray studies, how the Krakens protocol MRIs show Alar and Transverse ligament damage, and how what seems like a simple neck injury can lead to symptoms as severe as blindness and death.

Many Trial Guides products teach you how to take the same set of facts and make them more compelling to a jury. By contrast, this video helps you reveal the full extent of the injuries in a case, help injured people seek appropriate treatment, and obtain the full compensation they deserve. This video is equally valuable to both the lawyers who represent injured people, and the doctors who diagnose and treat them.


On Demand Program: 96 minutes
Original Air Date: 07/02/2009

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