Trial Guides Releases New Rick Friedman Video "Winning Trial Strategies"

Rick Friedman Winning Trial Strategies

Trial Guides is proud to announce the release of the new Rick Friedman video Winning Trial Strategies: Framing Issues and Attitudes for Trial.

In this video, Rick Friedman, one of America's leading trial lawyers, provides you with the keys to winning trials in a time of overwhelming jury bias. First, he helps you consider your theme and strategy for trial using his Rules of the Road technique, and teaches you how to use it from the pleading through discovery and trial. Next, he moves to defeating the malingering defense, a common and extremely effective method which defense lawyers use in personal injury, medical malpractice, and disability claims. He demonstrates his case polarization method from his forthcoming book Polarizing the Case: Exposing and Defeating the Malingering Myth. Finally, he concludes with advice on how plaintiff's lawyers should conduct themselves at trial. This video is packed with ideas you will want to review before every important case.

"Any attorney who goes to trial without knowing this stuff should burn his or her bar card. [These] outcome changing methods are truly that important."
David Ball, Ph.D., author of David Ball on Damages

Rick Friedman Winning Trial Strategies video