Trial Guides Releases David Ball on Damages on Audiobook CD Set

David Ball on Damages 2nd Edition Audiobook

We are pleased to announce the release of David Ball on Damages in an Audiobook CD set.  This is an unabridged reading of David Ball on Damages: A Plaintiff's Attorney's Guide for Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases David A. Ball.

When David Ball on Damages was first published in 2001, it changed the way attorneys seek damages. The audio CD set, also available as a book, provides step-by-step guidance for attorneys seeking money for their clients. Ball explains why jurors give, why they do not, and how to motivate them to do the former instead of the latter. He walks readers through voir dire, opening, Direct examination, and closing.  In each phase of the case this set provides practical, effective, and innovative methods for pursuing damages.

Now, in this expanded, second edition, Ball includes methods to contend with the way today’s jurors view lawyers and their clients. The techniques provide tools to counter sophisticated opposition tactics, the public mood, and laws and rules that continue to grow more hostile.

David Ball reads the book and was recorded by Trial Guides founder Aaron DeShaw in North Carolina.

Industry reviews for David Ball on Damages, the Essential Update (2nd Ed.):

“This book that started the damages revolution is now twice as big, twice as good, and many times as useful. It shows how to deal with the tort-‘reform’ onslaught by turning jurors into our best allies. This new edition guides us step-by-step from case intake through closing. Don’t miss it—and don’t give it to any defense attorneys!”- Roxanne Barton Conlin, Roxanne Conlin & Associates, Des Moines, Iowa

“Throw your old copy away and get David Ball’s second edition immediately. He has made a great book even better and more essential. His tort reform solutions are worth the price alone.” - Donald H. Beskind, Twiggs, Beskind, Strickland, & Rabenau, Raleigh, North Carolina

“In well-written, concise chapters, Ball gives broad strategies and specific tips on damages for every stage of the trial, from jury selection through closing argument.... Ball’s book is a prize for plaintiffs’ lawyers. Even experienced trial lawyers will find some valuable insights in this succinct guide to damages.... The best thing for defense lawyers would be if their adversaries never read the book.” - Lawyers Weekly USA

“David Ball on Damages is the most useful text of any kind that I have ever read for a practicing trial lawyer. I am simply stunned by its depth and practicality. It is mandatory reading for every member of every trial team in my office. Thanks for what is destined to become a true classic.” - Joseph L. Anderson, Anderson Korzen & Associates, P.C., Kernersville, NC

“I am a trial attorney in Niles, Michigan. My co-counsel, Edward J. Chester of Elkhart, Indiana, and I recently coordinated our efforts in a jury trial using David Ball's suggestions — found in the book David Ball on Damages— as a model that resulted in a jury verdict of $1.5 million dollars.” - Peter Smith, Peter Smith Law Offices, Niles, Michigan

Customer Success Stories:

“The jury returned a verdict of $1.25 million!” - Andrew A. Fraser Esq., Sparta, NJ 

“I attribute my success to your ideas on presenting damages.” - Todd J. Bloomfield, Esq., Woodland Hills, CA