Trial Guides Intensive Motor Vehicle Case CLE

Trial Guides Intensive Motor Vehicle Case CLE

Recent statistics from the insurance industry show that 80% of all motor vehicle claims settle at $5,000 or less, 90% settle for $15,000 or less, and that less than 1% settle for $100,000 or more.(1)

Trial Guides believes these case values do not reflect a true state of the severity of crash injuries, but instead a failure by attorneys to fully understand the claim process and the injuries involved in these collisions. We believe it's time to face claim underpayments head on. So, as the nation's leading publishing company for plaintiff's lawyers, we asked ourselves this question. How can we radically change the way personal injury lawyers handle motor vehicle cases with one CLE?

We have the solution. Join us for an intensive two-day motor vehicle educational experience intended to change your personal injury practice forever.

An Intensive Motor Vehicle Case CLE

Most major insurers now break auto accident claims down into five different claim sections. Most personal injury lawyers don't know what these sections are, or how insurers handle cases differently from one type of case to the next.

Out of those five types of claims, bodily injury computer software, which insurers conceal, (such as Colossus) evaluate approximately 70% of all claims in the United States. In the past, a human adjustor doing traditional claims analysis would have evaluated them. Now settlement values are dictated by software at nearly every major auto insurer. Most personal injury lawyers know little or nothing about the software that evaluates most of their client's cases. Few realize that a different kind of demand letter could get their clients much higher offers. But, Trial Guides has the nation's leading author on Colossus, Aaron DeShaw, who will teach you how you can substantially impact claim value in an honest and ethical way, by presenting the correct information to the insurer.

 A CLE on Traumatic Injuries

What would happen if lawyers who knew what to look for in terms of more serious injuries, considered all of those $5,000 case settlements more carefully? Our goal is to make you one of those lawyers, by teaching you about five common serious traumatic injuries that most personal injury lawyers miss. These injuries can make what appears to be a $5,000–$10,000 case worth $100,000 or more when you understand the severity and permanency of the injury. Most lawyers have these cases right now, and don't even know what they are missing for their clients

The reason why trying cases, or obtaining co-counsel to try cases for you, will enhance the value of every claim you accept.

If you don't try cases, the insurance companies know who you are, and will provide you and your clients lower settlement offers. Learn why, and how to stop it.

Trial Techniques CLE for Personal Injury Attorneys

Trial Guides authors are on the cutting edge, developing techniques that work for  jurors.

The Mastering Motor Vehicle Cases CLE features Dr. Aaron DeShaw Esq., one of the nation's leading doctor/lawyers. Dr. DeShaw is the author of the authoritative text on Colossus, the computer program used by most auto insurance companies to evaluate bodily injury claims. He has individually, and in cooperation with other law firms, obtained settlements and verdicts for clients of over $400 million. DeShaw rarely lectures, and this intensive seminar is his first in four years.

Join us May 15-16, 2009. Don't miss this special event. This program is limited to full-time plaintiff's lawyers and full-time treating physicians. Seating is limited to 100 spaces. Call us at (800) 309-6845

1. These statistics are based upon recent non-protected publications by the Insurance Research Council, Insurance Service Office (ISO), and Computer Science Corporation (manufacturer of the Colossus program).