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The Largest Legal Settlement in American History

The largest legal settlement in American history resulted in an estimated $300 billion payout from tobacco companies to state governments, including an additional $50 billion in punitive damages. The lead trial attorney from Washington state was Inner Circle Member Paul Luvera. He was chosen to represent the State of Washington due to a career of multi-million dollar verdicts in several states including a $44 million verdict in Washington, a $29 million verdict in Oregon, and a $20 million verdict in Idaho.

Gerry Spence, a long-time friend of Luvera's, has said, "I have never in my many years met a man I admire as much as Paul Luvera. He has been a role model for me and for countless others. He is what I call a real lawyer - no pretense, you get what you see, and what you see is an honest man who has become immensely creative and skillful in response to his insatiable passion for justice."

Learn from Luvera's unique wisdom with Trial Guides' Paul Luvera on Trial Strategy. This four-DVD set covers techniques on discovery and trial preparation, jury selection, opening statements, capturing jury interest in direct examination, cross-examination, and closing statements.

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