New book on Colossus for Lawyers Reveals Best Practices for Insurance Demand Letters

New book on Colossus for Lawyers Reveals Best Practices for Insurance Demand Letters

We are proud to announce the release of Colossus: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know, by Dr. Aaron DeShaw, Esq.  The book is the definitive resource for lawyers who handle auto insurance claims practices, and how they impact both the writing of insurance demand letters, as well as insurance bad faith implications.  The book is the result of three years of research, including non-protected claim manuals from several insurers, non-protected Colossus manuals, original programming documents from Australia, as well as interviews with claims adjustors, claim supervisors and even Lee Fogle - director of bodily injury software at ISO who oversees the Claim Outcome Advisor program.  

The book provides lawyers clear guidance on dealing with personal injury cases that will be analyzed by claims assessment software including Colossus and Claim Outcome Advisor.

Presently, nearly 70% of auto accident cases in the U.S. are evaluated by claims assessment software. The book provides personal injury lawyers an insider’s view of the medical and legal defects in the programs used by 16 of the Top 20 auto insurance companies in the US. 

The book combines expert guidance and resources you can use to write demand letters for personal injury cases. It includes an exhaustive list of the insurance companies using the programs, the most extensive list available of the "factors" used by the programs to determine case value, and step-by-step procedures on writing narrative reports formatted for claims assessment software.

For insurance bad faith lawyers, the book contains information on the numerous defects that result in claims underpayments.  The book also covers specific uses at certain insurers to enter claims improperly so that the program will make lower than appropriate offers.  Most notably, the book covers secret meetings amongst insurers in which insurance company representatives discuss how to underpay claims across the insurance industry.

Colossus: What Every Trial Lawyer Needs to Know is covered in a professional hardback legal binder and is 515 pages.  This book provides personal injury and insurance bad faith lawyers a unique insight into the widespread underpayment of personal injury claims, intentionally concealed from injured people, their counsel and jurors.

DeShaw has also written a book for doctors on the Colossus program titled Colossus: What Every Physician Needs to Know.