The Works of Trial Lawyer Moe Levine

New York Lawyer Moe Levine, trial strategy book

"A trial lawyer who has not read Moe Levine is like a poet who has not read Shakespeare. You may get the job done, but you are missing out on joy and inspiration-and are not truly educated. In the past, lawyers have had to search through used bookstores and libraries for bits and pieces of the wisdom Moe shared with his contemporaries. Trial Guides has pulled it all together in one book that you will return to again and again."

Rick Friedman, author of Rules of the Road, Polarizing the Case

Moe Levine was a trial lawyer, a success story, a hero, and a mentor to many. Long before tort reform was even a discussion, Levine discovered what moved people, what motivated jurors, and perhaps subconsciously what played to the "Reptilian mind."

Trial Guides is the exclusive publisher of Moe Levine products. We invite you to discover the genius of Levine - a trial lawyer who was decades ahead of his time-with the writings and lectures contained in Moe Levine on Advocacy. We are also happy to make available a CD set of four rare recorded lectures by Levine called Moe Levine: The Historic Recordings. The book and CD set contain all known lectures and transcripts available by Moe Levine, and will provide you many case-winning ideas.

Laws have changed. Juror attitudes have changed. What has not changed are the stories and themes that underscore the value of human life, and the jurors' need to protect the community from future harm. Moe Levine on Advocacy is a treasure trove of useful lectures and winning closing arguments that go hand-in-hand with Rapaille's ideas in Culture Codes, as taught in Reptile: The 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff's Revolution.