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Rules of the Road AAJ Trial College with Patrick Malone, David Ball and more

The American Association for Justice's new seminar, based on the acclaimed Trial Guides book for lawyers Rules of the Road: A Plaintiff’s Guide to Proving Liability by Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone, is essential for plaintiff lawyers who deal with insurance companies that routinely delay and deny meritorious claims.

Learn from co-author Patrick Malone and other trial lawyers who have applied the teachings in Rules of the Road as they share their secrets of trying complex cases to a jury--from the pleading through discovery and trial. This program will arm plaintiff lawyers with proven techniques to overcome the complexity, confusion and ambiguity that are the hallmark weapons of most defense strategies.

Leading the program will be Trial Guides author Patrick Malone. Leading trial consultant David Ball, Ph.D., author of David Ball on Damages and Theater Tips and Strategies for Jury Trials, will facilitate the discussion and provide commentary and analysis on the demonstrations.

Rules of the Road is a registered trademark of Trial Guides. Products and CLEs cannot be based on Rules of the Road without the express permission of Trial Guides.  

Visit the Trial Guides CLE page for more on official Rules of the Road CLEs.

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