Reptile Products Continue Expanding

Reptile Products Continue Expanding

$450 million plus verdicts/settlements attributed!

The Reptile: 2009 Manual of the Plaintiff's Revolution is now in its third reprint since summer 2009 due to popular demand! Additionally, the Reptile: Method to Witness Preparation DVD, with more than six hours of client preparation information, has been widely received as an "outstanding" resource. It is aimed at lawyers, to help better prepare clients and witnesses for deposition and trial testimony.  Now you can buy both from Trial Guides.

Trial attorneys have credited Reptile techniques and applications to more than $450 million in successful verdicts and settlements in just eight months!

Already have these two resources? New and exciting Reptile products are coming this year. A Voir Dire DVD, including footage from actual focus groups, is currently in the editing process and will be available in the coming months. Other new products include DVDs for Reptile openings for auto, premises, products and med mal cases; and ADR, including actual case presentations.

"The techniques for witness prep impressed me not only as being merely useful but as vital; I began using the techniques the day after watching the DVD and both myself and my client both found it to be a helpful, fresh approach to the age old problem of witness prep."

- Joe Blanks, Texas