New! The Key to Proving Liability

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Has this ever happened to you? You are an attorney for the underdog, representing someone hurt by the indifference, carelessness or greed of a large institution. You are on the right side of the case. Morally and legally, you deserve to win. You believe you are scoring points with the judge and jury. The other side’s arguments are weak and disorganized.

And then you lose.

How did that happen?

Rules of the Road has answers, and ways to keep it from happening again. The book identifies the Three Horsemen of Defeat, and how to stop them in their tracks. It provides proven methods for dealing with automobile, medical negligence, bad faith, products liability, and other complex cases.

As the nation’s leading jury consultant, David Ball, has said, “"Rules of the Road does not belong on your bookshelf or your desk; it belongs in your mind. Get it there before you even think about your next trial.”"

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