New! Polarizing the Case: Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth

New! Polarizing the Case: Exposing & Defeating the Malingering Myth

If you have ever faced a trial where your client was called a malingerer, or their complaints deemed psychosomatic, non-organic, or a conversion disorder, you know these insinuations can lead to a painful and unwarranted defense verdict.  Defense psychiatrists and neuropsychologists are hired to spin junk science into a convincing alternative explanation to a legitimate injury.

You may have already heard about Rick Friedman's #1 legal text Rules of the Road, which has helped thousands of trial lawyers win cases of every kind. Now, Friedman provides another brilliant case changing technique in Polarizing the Case. The book is, in Friedman's words, "a guidebook for wrapping the malingering defense around the neck of the defense lawyer and strangling him with it."

Polarizing the Case shows you exactly what to do when a defense lawyer, or defense expert insinuates that your client is lying, cheating or trying to mislead the jury. Then learn how to turn the accusation itself, into a large verdict.

Here is what some of the nation's leading trial lawyers have to say about Polarizing the Case:

"The Sun Tzu treatise for attacking and defeating common defenses."

- Jim Perdue, Fellow of the International Society of Barristers, American College of Trial Lawyers, The Inner Circle of Advocates, and the author of Who Will Speak for the Victim and Winning with Stories.

"The bible for anyone trying cases in today's climate."

- Brian Panish, Member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, the International Society of Barristers, and lead counsel in the largest personal injury and product liability verdict in American judicial history ($4.9 Billion)

"Stunningly simple in concept yet more effective than any other approach I've seen to neutralize unfair defense doctors."

- Karen Koehler - Author of Litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases, and listed in Best Lawyers in America.