New Rules of the Road Second Edition

New Rules of the Road Second Edition

Trial Guides is proud to announce a new, fully revised and expanded version of its best selling book Rules of the Road by Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone.

This best selling text on proving liability has helped lawyers throughout the country win six, seven, and eight figure verdicts. The book is the basis of an AAJ Trial College and the topic of many CLE speeches.

In the five years since its release, we've learned invaluable information on the benefits and difficulties of using Rules of the Road in trial. The result is an improved methodology for trying your cases.

New Chapters include:

  • How to use Rules of the Road in Voir Dire
  • Instructions on Motions in Limine regarding your Rules
  • The difference between Rules of the Road and principles
  • Practical examples of how to use Rules of the Road in different types of cases including Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Insurance Bad Faith, Premises Liability, and many more
  • Instructions on how to use Rules of the Road in auto cases

Most importantly, the first edition listed four criteria that your Rules needed in order to withstand attack. In trying to find an area of susceptibility, the defense lawyers demonstrated one weakness. The second edition adds one new criteria that can make your list of Rules bulletproof. This additional criteria is a requirement for an effective Rule.  You need to know it before you try your next case.

Buy your copy of the updated second edition today.