Lawyer gets $7.9 million using Rules of the Road

Lawyer gets $7.9 million using Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road is the nation's best selling book on proving liability. Lawyers regularly let us know how well it works. The following is one customer success story we recently received:

"If you read no other book, Rick Friedman's Rules of the Road, is mandatory reading. I would suggest you read it prior to conducting discovery.

Pam Bower and I tried a case and followed the Rules of the Road technique and were totally able to control the theme of the case, testimony, and evidence. In San Mateo County, where our settlement judge told us our clients were 'rich dilettantes' and would certainly lose, our jury consisting of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents took less than 3 hours to go through a complex jury special verdict and find in our favor on every question and award to the penny our requested damages. ($668,604). The next day, the jury took less than two hours to give us a million more than we asked for in punitive damages ($7.3 million). So enough self aggrandizement. Rules of the Road was instrumental in our verdict.

If you do not use the Rules of the Road, your very capable defense counsel will control the case, and you will be constantly responding to their pot shots and tricks they always use. With the Rules of the Road, you will be in control, and defense counsel's usual tricks will offend the jurors.

So that is my testimonial. If you are serious on taking any case to trial, use Friedman's book."

Randy M. Hess
Adleson, Hess and Kelly a.p.c.
Campbell, CA

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If you purchase Rules of the Road today, and practice as a full time plaintiff lawyer, you will be granted free access to Trial Guides new Rules of the Road Forum for a limited trial period. The Forum is a place to talk to other trial lawyers, as well as authors Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone, about the use of the Rules of the Road technique, and exchange lists of "Rules" for use in your trials.