Increasing Claim Value on Neck Injury Cases video

Increasing Neck Injury Settlements

Announcing a new continuing education video on neck injury legal claims.

Many personal injury practices center on spinal soft-tissue injuries. Most lawyers do not view these as valuable cases, but other lawyers obtain six-figure settlements and verdicts on the same type of soft-tissue injury cases. What would happen to your practice if you could spot more serious injuries, and then obtain objective evidence proving that these cases are worth much more than a few thousand dollars?

In this webinar, doctor/lawyer Aaron DeShaw discusses innovative medical imaging that can help you objectively prove serious ligament injuries in the neck that cause permanent pain and can only be resolved with costly fixation surgery. He takes you through the symptoms you should expect to see in these injuries, what they mean, and how you can turn cases that many lawyers would view as $5,000 soft-tissue cases into six-figure cases. He also talks about AMA impairment ratings on these injuries and how these cases should result in large settlement offers and jury verdicts. DeShaw then shows you how this imaging can disprove insurance company claims that your client is malingering or has somatoform disorder.

Dr. DeShaw discusses how the scientific and medical literature confirms that even less serious neck injuries sustained in a motor vehicle crash lead to permanent pain in a high percentage of people. This information helps you substantiate much larger settlements and verdicts in all of your neck injury cases.

Beyond neck injuries, Dr. DeShaw discusses a revolutionary way to consider economic and noneconomic damages in any case with a permanent impairment. Using government statistics, he shows how even non-catastrophic injuries can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in diminished earning capacity over a client's lifetime.

Many Trial Guides products teach you how to take the same set of facts and make them more compelling to a jury. By contrast, this webinar helps you understand the real severity of your client's injuries, how it explains their symptoms, and how permanent injuries can result in significant economic losses. Unlike many CLEs that leave you bored (or asleep), this webinar helps you obtain the full compensation your clients deserve.

Increasing Claim Value on Neck Injury Cases from Trial Guides on Vimeo.