David Ball on Handling Minor Impact Cases

Books for lawyers on minor impact cases

While all of the national attention on From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves has focused on David Berardinelli's section on the McKinsey Documents, the new edition of the legal text contains Dr. Michael Freeman's chapters about the background and junk science used by insurers in minor impact cases, as well as information on dealing with defense biomechanists and accident reconstructionists. Michael Freeman, Ph.D., D.C., M.P.H., is a forensic epidemiologist best known in the legal community for his best selling book Litigating Minor Impact Soft Tissue Cases (with Karen Koehler), and his work in national cases to strike defense biomechanists junk science using Daubert and Frye hearings. 

Here are what practicing lawyers have to say about Dr. Freeman's section of From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves legal text:

"Good Hands To Boxing Gloves is a must read for every attorney who litigates automobile accident cases and should be in every litigator's library. Don't handle another soft tissue case involving low dollar property damage without reading this treatise!"

Melvin B. Wright, FL

"Michael D. Freeman, Ph.D., one of the nations leading forensic epidemiologists, has built his career fighting against junk science in the courtroom. In From Good Hands To Boxing Gloves, Dr. Freeman demystifies the MIST defense, debunking it as a legitimate scientific methodology and exposing the fraud created by Allstate Insurance Company to increase its shareholders' profits at the expense of its insureds and other claimants. Dr. Freeman is to be congratulated for his outstanding work in protecting victims."

Bruce H. Stern, Esq. - NJ.

"The book re-inspired me and recharged my batteries. The exposure of the misrepresentations that Allstate has used to cheat innocent victims can really stoke the fire to fight for justice."

Steven E. Heintz - FL

"If only we could get this information to the masses, or, more importantly, to the legislative bodies and judiciary, perhaps the defense oriented tort "reform" legislators, jurists and jurors in this Country could be returned to sanity. This book should be required reading for them all, and for every applicant for an insurance license or insurance industry job.

Dr. Freeman is the pre-eminent authority in the discussion of MIST cases, and his contributions to this book are the foundation of his refutation of the junk science being perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. Through his assistance to attorneys for consumers, he has been a leader in winning Frye and Daubert motions precluding this fraud in our Courts. I highly recommend that attorneys facing this challenge read this material and be prepared to derail the insurance defense misdirection."

Gregory W. Bagen, NY

Finally, David Ball had to say:

"In his section of From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves [Legal Edition]*, Dr. Freeman is our spy who has found and now reveals the enemy's key secrets. Dr. Freeman transfers what he does as a first-rate trial expert into methods you can, and must, use from trial prep through closing. His chapters are a crucial part of Trial Guides' shelf of essential readings. He shows how to keep insurance junk science out of trial. And if that junk does get into trial, his methods so clearly what junk it is that the jurors will get angry enough to compensate in full. Many thanks to Dr. Freeman for this superb addition to our arsenal.

* Publishers note: The public version of From Good Hands to Boxing Gloves does not contain any material by Dr. Michael Freeman.