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Eric Oliver

Trial Consultant

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"When it comes to the Case Story, all development and no delivery makes Johnny a losing lawyer." —Eric Oliver

Eric has specialized in nonverbal, verbal, and implicit communication skills for over twenty-eight years, twenty-five of those years working with attorneys. Along with teaching effective communication skills to attorneys and their firms, he spends most of his time helping trial attorneys prepare and present more receiver-friendly cases for settlement presentations and in trial. He helps lawyers build a presentation plan for each case, which they can adapt to any venue. This presentation plan integrates the verbal, visual and personal parts of the case story and is based on the decision-maker's needs and expectations which he uncovers in focus groups and voir dire.

In addition to Facts Can't Speak For Themselves, Eric is co-author of Courtroom Power: Communication Strategies for Trial Lawyers.

He is the founder of his consulting firm, MetaSystems, Ltd. He resides with his wife and partner, Tess Oliver, in Canton, Michigan.

"Eric has been one of the most important influences on my work, and on that of many of America's best attorneys and consultants. What he teaches is as good as it gets... He teaches, among other things, how to use jury selection in essential ways no one else has even thought of... most importantly given today's conditions, he teaches how to create a case story that appeals to every juror — including the tort-reformed." —David Ball

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