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Eric Oliver

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In this combo CD/DVD set, Oliver simplifies many of the brilliant communication concepts discussed in his books, his training programs, and the upcoming Trial Guides video training series, The Persuasion Edge. Throughout the video, he discusses and demonstrates with audience members cutting edge principles for how all legal decision makers reach judgments and what you can do to influence their decision making process.

Use this video to learn how every legal decision, in or out of a courtroom, is produced by other-than-conscious means. Discover Clotaire Rapaille's work on the reptilian brain, and learn how it, and our emotional and rational centers, combine to drive legal judgments. In the process, discover how perceptions, not just ideas, need to be managed to really influence all decisions most effectively.

Oliver helps you incorporate the Rules of the Road™ method while crafting your case story for delivery to professionals or for jurors. Properly sequencing your story is crucial, so Oliver shows how that story sequence is best delivered in voir dire, opening statement, and with your witnesses. Learn how the newest brain research on mirror neurons finally confirms the true value of establishing rapport with a judge, juror, mediator, witness, or even opposing counsel. Discover how we make connections with others that can vastly improve your persuasive effect with a minimal effort in your presentation.

This video teaches you:

  • How to manage decision maker perceptions
  • How developing and delivering a properly sequenced case raises your credibility.
  • How to balance reason with perception


DVD: 105 minutes; 4 discs; 1st edition (2011); ISBN: 978-1934833216
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [47:54]

  1. Introduction
  2. Decision Making
  3. The Train of Thought &ndash and Action
  4. The Train of Thought &ndash and Action
  5. The Train of Thought &ndash and Action
  6. The Rational Mind
  7. Shaping the Story
  8. Shaping the Story
  9. Shaping the Story
  10. Shaping the Story
  11. The 30 Second Story
  12. The 30 Second Story
  13. The 30 Second Story
  14. The Embodied Metaphor

Disc 2 [57:02]

  1. Sequencing
  2. Anchors & Frames
  3. Anchors & Frames
  4. Anchors & Frames
  5. Story Sequence
  6. Story Sequence
  7. Story Sequence
  8. Story Sequence
  9. Anchors, Frames, Perceptions, Sequencing
  10. Anchors, Frames, Perceptions, Sequencing
  11. Anchors, Frames, Perceptions, Sequencing
  12. Mirror Neurons
  13. Mirror Neurons
  14. Rapport
  15. Rapport
  16. Rapport

Total running time: 1 hours, 45 minutes

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