How to Manage Unspoken Assumptions and Impaired Attention in Your Jury - On Demand

Eric Oliver

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“May I have your attention, please?” Today’s jurors’ true answer—no matter what they say (or intend to do) is “No.”

In today’s courtrooms, trial lawyers can count on only fleeting, fragile, and fragmented attention from their jurors. Moreover, not only will each juror (and judge) build their own version of the client’s case story, but a slight majority now use a limited number of entrenched assumptions that allow them to construct only certain sorts of case stories.

In this exclusive webinar, national trial consultant Eric Oliver shares newly compiled research to help you recognize and respond to entrenched assumptions and to rally your jurors’ attention. His presentation will not only train trial lawyers to deal with attention that can’t be “captured” for long anymore, but it will also expose and explore some of the deeper assumptions that drive decision-making today. 

 This webinar will:

  • Reveal the 10 common, core assumptions that most jurors bring into the courtroom.
  • Explore the dangerous disconnect between attorneys’ case story framing and jurors’ implicit assumptions; for example, declaring something to be “fair,” “right” or “just” and how that is ultimately perceived.
  • Arm participants with case story development and delivery tools to manage the impoverished attention everyone now brings to court and will continue to.

Eric brings over 40 years of highly successful, proven experience to make the case for developing a trial story that aligns with your jurors’ preconceived beliefs and attentional needs. By unearthing the most common core assumptions driving jurors’ perceptions of your clients’ cases, lawyers can leverage this information to their clients’ advantage.

Presentation Outline:

  • PART I: Learn the 10 core assumptions that most jurors bring into the courtroom, and how to develop and deliver case presentations that align with those beliefs.
  • PART II: Address the attention deficits that can sink a plaintiff case. Eric will arm you with the tools you need to successfully make your case to decision-makers who can no longer give it their full, undivided attention even when they want to. 

Addressing jurors’ impaired attention and common, core assumptions is no longer an option if the successful reception of your clients’ case stories is your goal.

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On Demand Program: 101 Minutes
Original Air Date: 02/07/2024
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