Persuasive Communication: Twenty-five Years of Teaching Lawyers

Eric Oliver

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Eric Oliver is a noted trial consultant, speaker and educator who has specialized in verbal, nonverbal, and implicit communication skills for over twenty-eight years—twenty-five working with trial lawyers. This book provides the best of his advice over this career as one of the country's leading trial consultants. In the book, Oliver discusses how trial lawyers can prepare and present more receiver-friendly cases for settlement presentation and in trial. The advice helps lawyers build a presentation plan for each case, which they can adapt to any venue. This presentation plan integrates the verbal, visual, and personal parts of the case story, and is based on the decision-makers needs and expectations. Oliver also discusses how to uncover those expectations in focus groups and voir dire.

Paperback: 520 pages; 1st edition (2009); ISBN: 978-1934833124
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Introduction
  2. Part I: Rapport
  3. Reflections on Mirroring
  4. Brain-friendly Speaking Basics
  5. Is It In Yet?
  6. My World or Yours?
  7. Part II: Stories
  8. Making Sense to Jurors
  9. Tell Me A Story
  10. Embodying the Story
  11. Part III: Decision Making
  12. Is Jury Psychology an Oxymoron
  13. Testing, Testing
  14. Jury See, Jury Decide
  15. Part IV: Persuasion
  16. Things Aren't Always What They Are
  17. That Reminds Me
  18. Anchors and Frames and Themes (Oh My!)
  19. Part V: The Mind
  20. More Than Meets the Ear
  21. More Than Meets the Mind
  22. Part VI: Themes
  23. Developing a Case Theme

What Legal Leaders Are Saying

If I had to choose one word to describe Eric Oliver, it would be ‘wise.’ His new book, Persuasive Communication, is his masterpiece. It teaches you his unmatched wisdom clearly and comprehensively—as clearly and comprehensively as you will learn to communicate and commune with jurors. This compendium of Eric’s lifetime of study, research, guidance, and prevailing over and over and over with juries joins the tiny handful of essential books for trial advocates. Why? Because ‘advocate’ means ‘to speak.’ Persuasive Communication rapidly makes you your own master of all the crucial things that happen before, during, and after you speak. Perhaps you should not again open your mouth to speak until you have absorbed Eric’s wisdom.

— David Ball, Ph.D., author of David Ball on Damages and Reptile